Haas Launches New Look International Website: HaasCNC.com

By admin 12-Apr-2016


The international website of Haas Automation, Inc., has been re-designed and re-launched, in line with the company’s U.S. website, which itself was re-launched at the end of 2015.


The all-new international site, available in 11 languages, is simplified and easier to navigate than the site it replaces, allowing visitors to more quickly learn about new Haas products and technical innovations. The home page has just four headings – CNC Machines, Customer Services, What’s New, and Contact Haas –each with a drop-down menu.


Perhaps the biggest and most notable change to the new site, however, is the inclusion of video tutorials and product videos, some which the company produces and publishes daily, on social media platforms. 


“Videos are an increasingly important part of the way we communicate with our customers,” says Haas General Manager Bob Murray. “They’re a quick, easy, and clear way for us to show customers how to get the best from their machines and options. They’re also a great way to demonstrate new products, and show how customers around the world are already using their Haas machines.”


Haas Automation is well known for it’s full line of CNC products; the company produces many of its machine models in multiple sizes and specifications. According to Mr. Murray,


one of the primary goals with the new website was to present the company’s expansive product line in an easy-to-navigate format, where visitors to the site can find a product with as few clicks as possible.


“Our product line has expanded a great deal over the past few years,” he says, “as we’ve launched new products and extended the lines of our core machines, including, for example, our CNC vertical machining centres. We think we’ve managed to design a site that is uncluttered, informative, and easy to navigate.”


Also accessible through the main website is diy.haascnc.com, where customers can access an enormous amount of pertinent information about their Haas CNC machine tools – everything from Routine Maintenance to FAQ and Video Tips of the Day! There’s also an introduction to the next generation Haas control.


“We’re always aiming to make communications with our customers smoother and more time-effective,” Mr. Murray concluded. “They want to be kept in touch via their handheld devices and smart phones, as well the usual channels. Our general marketing and the new international website are designed for the digital age, where facts, figures, and information change continuously, and customers want to be kept informed.”