Grind Master for Special Purpose Machines

By admin 21-Apr-2016


Grind Master is a pioneer & leader in special purpose machines for Metal Finishing, Deburring, NanoFinish and solutions including Robotic automation and abrasives. With over 4000 machines across six continents, serving a wide range of industries, Grind Master brings a world of experience of over 30 years in machine technology & process knowledge.

Grind Master competes with the best in the world. It constantly strives to exceed customer expectations with innovative & trustworthy solutions created with passion and expertise. Grind Master accounts for 20-25% of  Indian machine tools exports (data from IMTMA)Grind Master has delivered many successful solutions to defence sector companies including HAL, BHEL, DLW, MIDHANI, NFC, GODREJ, L&T etc. Its solutions for defence sector includes

 Robotic Automation for Fettling of Castings

 Turbine Blade Grinding

 Superfinishing of Hydraulic Cylinder&Landing Gears

 Centreless Grinding & Polishing of Zircalloy Tube

 Billet Grinding Machine

 Deburring of Aerospace Parts

 Precision Grinding of Titanium, Molybdenum, AL –Ni Alloys & SS Plates