Aero Vodochody Offered Pilot Training to Slovakia

By Editor 03-Jul-2020


AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE, with the support of the Czech Ministry of Defence, offered to Slovak side long-term cooperation in training of Slovak tactical pilots in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the new L-39NG training aircraft, an important part of which is significant industrial cooperation.

The representatives of the Czech aircraft manufacturer presented strategic cooperation to Slovak delegation led by new MoD Jaroslav Naď and Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, General Daniel Zmek. The Czech Ministry of Defence was represented by Tomáš Kopečný, Deputy MoD and Director of the Section for Industrial Cooperation.

The Slovak Republic is significantly modernizing its air force, the main part of which is a replacement of old MiG-29s aircraft by American F-16s. Such reorganization is connected with a number of following steps, including the building of a modern and effective training program for military tactical pilots. “Aero Vodochody, as a traditional partner of the Slovak Air Force, presented an offer for the supply of eight modern L-39NG training jet aircraft. The offer includes significant industrial cooperation with strong involvement of Slovak companies in the production of structural parts of the new aircraft, in further development of the L-39NG project, in logistic support, and in building a ground training system," said Jakub Hoda, VP for Sales and Member of the Board of Directors of Aero Vodochody.

The key element of the long-term cooperation between the two countries and AERO Vodochody is the preparation of a training concept for the Air Force of the Slovak Armed Forces on the L-39NG platform including comprehensive ground training system. The Czech Republic is able to offer tactical simulation training on both L-39 and F-16 in its Tactical Simulation Centre in Pardubice, where pilots of the Czech Air Force and many other countries are trained.

The strategic cooperation with Aero Vodochody and the Czech Republic will maintain flight training capabilities and ensure the building of a new, completely modern training system and training squadron for basic and advanced training provided by trained Slovak L-39NG instructors directly in Slovakia. This will significantly reduce the need of expensive pilot training in the USA. In addition to this cost savings, Slovakia would also benefit from the undeniable benefits of industrial cooperation in the form of new business for the Slovak aviation industry and generating qualified jobs.


The L-39NG aircraft is a modern and effective light jet capable to serve in a role of light attack and/or unified, comprehensive training system for modern air forces. The L-39NG is based on the aerodynamic concept of the current L-39 with optimized features to reduce resistance and increase efficiency and utilizes the latest technologies and equipment.


AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. focuses on the design, manufacturing maintenance, overhaul and upgrade of military and civil aircraft and is the largest aviation manufacturer in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest aerospace companies worldwide. In the field of military aircraft, Aero has been a reliable long-term partner to many of the world's air forces and it has a strong position on the market of military training and light combat aircraft.


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