Airborne Technologies - A Repeat Performance

By Editor 25-May-2020


Airborne Technologies  announced the delivery of a second aircraft to its customer GISPRO. Based on the performance of the first platform, the successfully established polish company ordered a second Multi-Sensor Aircraft from Airborne Technologies within a few years. The recent project consisted of upgrading a Vulcanair P68 Observer into a leading-edge aerial surveying platform equipped with a modern workstation and 3 sensors in 3 hatches.

The conversion from a basic aircraft to a multi-sensor surveying platform required the following installations:

     •  A RIEGL VQ 780i Laserscanner in the rear hatch,
     •  An Ultracam Eagle Mark 3 Large Format Camera in the main hatch and a
     •  Hasselblad A6D RE Middle format camera in the middle hatch
     •  CCNS-5 flight guidance, positioning and sensor management system by IGI
     •  Airborne Technologies' modern tactical workstation

 According to Marta Sieczkiewicz, Director of Aerial Photogrammetry Departament of GISPRO Sp. z o.o., the aircraft is already in operation. “The main task of our new system is to provide high resolution RGB, NIR, RE images and LIDAR data intended for recording large areas and assessing the state of the environment and parametrising forest and agricultural areas. The target recipients of the proposed technology are state forest units, national parks, forests of other forms of ownership, farms, insurance companies, state and local administration".