Liebherr Supports Successful Demo Pod Tests

By Editor 18-May-2020


Liebherr’s prototype of an air cooling system was tested successfully in SAAB’s new advanced Electronic Attack Jammer Pod (EAJP). SAAB carried out the first flight trials of the demo pod on board a Gripen in November last year. Liebherr had been selected by SAAB in November 2017 to deliver a prototype of an air cooling system for the advanced EAJP Pod designed by SAAB. The pod is a high performance jammer with sophisticated jamming functions with the purpose of blocking the opponent’s ability to attack the
aircraft. The successful flight tests with EAJP are further proof, that Liebherr’s state of the art thermal management technologies for pod applications belong to the market’s best performers.

As a system supplier, Liebherr has developed two complementary product lines for pod applications based on air cycle and vapor cycle configurations. The company offers compact systems starting from 1 kW up to 4 kW cooling power for air or liquid loops.