Alsalam to Exhibit Capabilities at Dubai Airshow

By Editor 19-Nov-2019


Alsalam Aerospace Industries will be participating in the 2019 Dubai Airshow. The Company will exhibit extensive range of products, including the latest technologies in the aviation industry reflecting the latest developments in the military industry sector in the Kingdom. This year, Alsalam will focus in strengthening its position in the Middle East and the world markets. It will highlight its most important achievements in recent years and its present achievements in line with Vision 2030. The company stand will parade the company capabilities in the field of Aviation industry, as well as some of aircraft parts and components locally manufactured by Alsalam.

It is worth mentioning that Alsalam was established under the auspices of the Economic Offset Program in 1988. The purpose is to launch a source of aviation industry capacity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to accommodate the increasing demand for military and commercial aircraft maintenance, overhaul, upgrade and modifications,  in addition to training and qualifying national cadres to localize the technology of the aircraft industry in the Kingdom.

Alsalam is currently at the forefront of the aerospace manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia. They currently manufacture wings, forward fuselages, and pylons and adaptors for the F-15SA in partnership with Boeing; the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).