SCHUNK’s Clamping Technology

By Aeromag Asia 06-Dec-2016


The most compact quick-change pallet system in the world

The SCHUNK miniature quick-change module VERO-S NSE mikro transfers the effect of fast component change with the SCHUNK VERO-S quick change pallet system to a new dimension. For the first time it is now possible to change miniature components in confined spaces reliably and precisely at a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm within seconds. The compact miniature module is an important piece of the puzzle for more efficiency in the production of small workpieces and components. It is suitable for fast workpiece, component and pallet change in light machining as well as in assembly cells and measuring machines.

Extremely small and compact

At a height of only 12 mm and an outer diameter of 49 mm, VERO-S NSE mikro is the most compact quick-change pallet system in the world. The corresponding clamping pins have an outer diameter of just 10 mm. The miniature module also convinces with the superior features of the VERO-S series: its patented dual stroke actuation concept with the standard integrated turbo function guarantees a pull-in force of 500 N and holding forces of up to 6,000 N (M4). The clamping pin is positioned via short tapers and fixed with three slide assemblies. Locking is achieved mechanically by means of a spring assembly. The system is self-locking and designed for form-fit clamping. A system pressure of 6 bar is sufficient for pneumatic opening of the module. All functional components such as the base body, clamping pins, and clamping slides are made of stainless steel. The module will be available from March 2016.