SCHUNK ‘s Linear Modules

By Aeromag Asia 23-Sep-2016


Insiders are speaking of a revolution, pragmatics of an intriguing simplification. Whatever your take on it, you can't deny that the linear modules in the SCHUNK ELP series define a new era of mechatronization in high-performance assembly. For the first time ever, SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems has managed to develop an ultra-compact linear module with a low-maintenance 24V linear motor drive where commissioning it is as easy as making yourself a cup of coffee. Within SCHUNK's mechatronic modular system, the series top off the segment of easy-to-use mechatronic alternatives. Entire pick & place and feeding tasks can now be solved just as easily electrically as it has been with pneumatic modules.

The drive, controller, and unique auto-teach technology are completely integrated into the compact module. To commission it, all you have to do is connect the axis using standard plugs (M8/M12), and set the end position mechanically using an Allen key. The speed of retraction and extension can be regulated according to the add-on weight by means of two rotating switches. You therefore do not need to possess mechatronic know-how or space in your control cabinet to use the linear module. An integrated LED display in the axis indicates the status of the teaching process. Between two and five strokes are normally all it takes before automatic programming is complete. The process is then constantly monitored and flexibly adapted to any changes.

Straightforward commissioning – no wear parts

As is the case with conventional pneumatic axes, the electric SCHUNK ELP is actuated via binary signals, making it no problem to replace a pneumatic mini-slide with one. Since the compact units manage without hydraulic shock absorbers, commissioning and maintenance work is virtually eliminated. What's more, you do not need to worry about potential damage to your system or long downtimes due to defective shock absorbers. The electric axes also score points due to their long lifetime, lower operating costs compared to pneumatic modules and a high level of process stability. The linear axes will be available from the third quarter of 2016 in three sizes (25, 50, 100) each with three stroke variants. They have a repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm and a maximum nominal stroke of 200 mm. Due to the standardized hole pattern, they can be combined directly with numerous modules from the world's largest system range for modular high-performance assembly from SCHUNK.