SCHUNK’s Gripping modules

By Aeromag Asia 23-Sep-2016


High-speed picker with safety functionality


The SCHUNK EGP Safety is the world’s first performance level d/SIL3-certified electric small component gripper on the market with omnidirectional gripping force safety. In combination with a special safety module it enables SOS and STO functions. If the assembly process is interrupted as a result of an emergency shut-down, the module automatically switches to safe operating stop. As opposed to existing solutions on the market the SCHUNK EGP Safety is supplied with power continuously in case of a safe operating stop, so that gripped parts are held reliably even without mechanical gripping force maintenance. As soon as voltage is applied the gripper switches back to regular operating mode without delay and without having to restart the system. The SCHUNK EGP Safety is controlled by a safety module and four inductive proximity switches.


Specialist for fast handling of small components


Compared with electrically operated small component grippers that are available on the market the SCHUNK EGP features high speed with simultaneous high gripping force, which can be adjusted in two or four steps, depending on the model. All electronic components are integrated within the device to save space. Brushless and therefore maintenance-free servo motors and a powerful junction roller guide ensure high efficiency and make the gripper a dynamic and high-performance specialist for demanding Pick&Place applications. Since the high-speed picker is based on the platform of the time-proven pneumatic SCHUNK MPG-plus small component gripper, it is ideal for conveniently converting existing systems from pneumatic to electric, with no loss of gripping force. The unit is controlled via digital inputs, which allows users in many cases to transfer the sensor of the SCHUNK MPG-plus to the SCHUNK EGP as well.


The small component gripper is available with or without safety functions in sizes 25, 40, 50 and 64 with finger strokes of 3 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm and gripping forces of 38 N, 140 N, 215 N and 300 N, respectively. It is suitable for handling components with a weight of 0.19 kg, 0.7 kg, 1.05 kg and 1.25 kg, respectively. The closing times are 0.09 s, 0.22 s, 0.21 s and 0,5 s. In addition, the EGP 25 is available in a special high-speed version with a closing time of only 0.03 s and a gripping force of 7 N.